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Weapon (whip), legendary (requires attunement)

A weapon said to have once been used to keep unruly imprisoned wizards in line; it violently disrupts their ability to use magic, inflicting wild and unpredictable residual magical effects on those it strikes. You have a +3 to attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon. When you hit a creature with this weapon, that creature becomes spellbinded until the start of your next turn.Spellbinded targets must roll a d6 before casting a spell. On a 1, the spell fails and has no effect with the spell slot spend. On a 2-4, the spellcaster takes 2d10 force damage. On a 5-6, the spell is cast as normal, but the caster must roll on the Wild Magic Surge table(5e PHB pp. 104) prior to the casting the spell.

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