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Wondrous Item, legendary (Attunement:This item is not attuneable, however it is impossible, by any means, to get into another players spectral box, whoever uses the key is taken to their own box.)

Description: A silvery key that transports you into your own personal (10x10x10 feet) spectral box, which magically supports life despite being completely sealed. Weight: 0.25 lbs

It takes 1 minute to turn the key and enter into your spectral box, to enter your spectral box you only need to stick the key into the air, creating a glowing keyhole around the key. Your personal Spectral box is 10x10x10 feet. The box appears to be made of thick glass, it is unbreakable by any means and when looking through it you appear to be looking into a infinite sky in all directions. If anyone manages to find a way into your spectral box, they are instantly sent back to where they came. You can leave your spectral box by using the key or by other means of teleportation. If you use your key and something has occupied that space you left at it is dispelled, if it is a character they are pushed away, if it is a solid item it is either pushed away or you occupy a 3x3x6ft box inside the material.

Creation: Spectral Keys can be created magically over 1d6 days. Materials required; Bag of Holding level V, 100 bars of iron, 100gp, and any amount of glass. This can be created with Artificers tools or other magical tools. The size of the room cannot be increased or decreased.

Transporting Items: Anything that you are carrying (not just touching) while entering the room will be taken with you, for example a chest. If you manage to take items larger than 10x10x10 they will be compressed into the box, trapping you there if not killing you. If you wanted to make your Spectral Box appear like a room of a house, you could bring materials in and construct structures inside the box. However, you cannot physically attach anything to the "glass" sides of the box. You can also bring one willing creature of your size or smaller who is carrying gear up to its carrying capacity. You can also bring Bags of Holding into your Spectral Box, however you cannot open them inside of your Spectral Box. If you attempt to, nothing happens.

Dying: If you somehow manage to die inside of your Spectral Box you remain there, however, whoever you were closest to, like a brother or spouse, during your life (or campaign) now has access to your Spectral Box and it's contents if you choose to allow them (Post-Mortem)

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