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Wondrous Item, rarity varies

Similar to a wizard's spell book, a songbook has a varying amount of pages and can be used by a bard to add spells from the bard list as per the "Your Spellbook" side bar on page 114 of PHB.

The songbook does not add to a bards spells known, instead, after a long rest a bard may attempt to trade out a spell known for another that is in the songbook by using an inspiration die, roll vs the spell level + 2, Success allows you to trade out the spell, If failed you may retry after another long rest (as this represents practicing the "song"). Regardless of success or failure, the bardic inspiration die used cannot be regained for a number of days equal to the spell level (this can be lessened by "sacrificing" additional die for one day less per die).

Song Sheets: Common (1st level spells max, 5 pages)
Song Pamphlet: Uncommon (3th level spells max, 20 pages)
Poetry Book: Rare (4th level spells max, 50 pages)
Song Book: Very Rare (6th level max, 80 pages)
Symphony: Legendary (8th level max, 99 pages)
Ballad of (9th Level Spell): Artifact (9 pages)

Alternatives: DM may - Allow any number of songs to be traded out up to the the number of inspiration die available to the bard.
Allow change after a short rest, but upon completion of long rest the spell reverts back to the original spell known (this also returns the inspiration die).

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