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Skyclad Warrior [General]

Confers fast movement and damage-reduction when skyclad and warpainted.
Prerequisite: Skyclad, Knowledge (arcane) 4 ranks, Base Attack Bonus +4
Benefit: In order to benefit from this feat, the character must meet all the requirements for being "skyclad" described in the Skyclad feat, plus the following additional restrictions: no helmet or similar headgear (hat or headband), no gloves or gauntlets, no footwear, no loincloth or similar garment, no shield. Furthermore, the character's body must be ritually adorned with woad or similar warpaint. If these conditions are met, the character gains the Fast Movement ability of barbarians (an extra 10 feet of base movement rate) and Damage Reduction 2/-. The increased speed doesn't stack with that provided by classes such as barbarian or monk, but the Damage Reduction does stack with that of barbarians (or similar classes). The application of the warpaint is itself an arcane ritual which takes 10 minutes, and the effects last 24 hours. The damage-reduction is sufficient to protect the feet from the pain of moving barefoot across rough, hard ground.
Special: A fighter may select Skyclad Warrior as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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