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Skyclad [General]

A character with this feat gains certain advantages when in a state of ritual nudity or near-nudity.
Prerequisite: Knowledge (Arcana) 2 ranks.
Benefit: In order to benefit from this feat, the character must currently be in the form of a living creature of the humanoid or Fey type, and must have a body primarily covered in bare skin (i.e. not fur, feathers, scales etc): As a general rule, humanoids can't qualify if they have natural armor, but Fey races can. Characters under the influence of skin-altering spells such as iron body or stoneskin can't benefit, but barkskin is an exception. In addition, the character must be nude or nearly so (e.g. wearing a loincloth). Headgear is permitted, as are bracers, gloves/gauntlets, a belt, and footwear. The character cannot use any magic item which occupies the "vest/vestments", "armor/robe" or "cloak/cape/mantle" body slots, or any slotless item normally attached to clothing (such as a brooch). Goggles, amulets, and rings aren't classed as clothing and can be worn, and a shield can be used if the character is proficient; a character using a shield without proficiency isn't considered "skyclad". A backpack can be worn, but the character's overall encumbrance must not exceed a light load. In situations where clothing is mandatory, a wraparound cloak can be worn and discarded when necessary, which is a move-equivalent action that can be combined with an actual move, like drawing a weapon. If all of these conditions are met, a skyclad character with this feat enters a state of heightened awareness, gaining a +1 bonus on Listen and Spot checks. Furthermore, the character may apply his/her Wisdom bonus, to a minimum of +1, as an Exalted bonus to Armor Class.

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