Silver Bullets of Paradise (5e Spell)

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Silver Bullets of Paradise
8th-level evocation
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 450 feet
Components: V, S, M (1oz of Divine Marble, or 1lb of Silver)
Duration: Instantaneous

By channeling the power of the divines, you damage enemies or heal allies with eight bullets of silver energy.

When this spell is cast, magical silver light begins to coalesce into eight spherical shapes. Each of these shapes will then rise into the heavens and gather divine energy before crashing down on enemies or allies.

Make eight ranged spell attacks with this spell. You may choose to have each of the bullets target different objects or creatures, have all eight bullets target a single creature or some mixture between. A friendly target may choose to let a sphere hit them. The effect of each silver bullet changes depending upon the disposition of the target whenever an attack succeeds against the target:

  • Allied/Friendly: The target begins to glow with a silvery light as the bullet gets absorbed by their physical form. They then recover 6d6 hit points and are cured of one condition or level of exhaustion.
  • Hostile/Enemy: The bullet explodes into a brilliant silver light, causing 6d6 points of radiant damage to the target, and causing the next source of radiant damage to deal maximum damage.

At Higher Levels.: When cast at 9th level, healing and damage from a silver bullets increases by an additional 4d6.

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