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Shuriken disk

Superior Melee Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Shuriken disk +2 1d8 10/20 25 gp 2 lbs Light Blade Light Thrown, Off-hand, Returning.

This large disk shaped half shuriken has about 5 large curving blades that slice through flesh when it is thrown. This weapon can also be held in your off hand and used as a melee weapon.

Light Thrown

A basic attack with a light thrown weapon uses your Dexterity. Light thrown weapons don’t deal as much damage as heavy thrown weapons, but some powers let you hurl several of them at once or in rapid succession.


A shuriken disk is light enough that you can hold it and attack effectively with it while holding a weapon in your main hand. You can't attack with both weapons in the same turn, unless you have a power that lets you do so, but you can attack with either weapon.


If you miss with a ranged attack made with a shuriken disk, you can catch it as a free action. If you do not wish (or are unable) to catch it, it falls at your feet in your space. A magic shuriken disk teleports back to your hand with no action, or into a sheath or backpack you are wearing if you wish.

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