Shard The Emerald One (5e Deity)

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Shard The Emerald One[edit]

Alignment. True Neutral
Domains. Knowledge, Trickery
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity


"Three eggs of the same blood,

Yet each one raised by different scales,

Three sisters who thought each other lost,

But only split among sliver emerald and red,

Three kobolds taken from one another,

Only meet once again on the field of battle,

Three peaks at the same height,

Each one holds a beast of equal might

Three dragons locked in an eternal fight,

Each one hoping for a score,

Three eggs of the same blood,

Each destinied for godhood." - The Tale of the Three

Shard is one of three kobold sisters each of which has achieved godhood. They were born to a very powerful kobold mage which was not allied with any of the 3 Ancient dragons that lived on the island of the three peaks. Their mother was the peace keeper of the island and was one of the oldest kobolds to have ever lived because she was blessed with longevity. She and her sisters lived for two years with their mother until disaster struck the island causing the cave that they lived in to collapse. This collapse killed her mother and split her sisters up from one another.

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