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There are some major adjustments when trying to use Suikoden as a template for a D&D setting. In this section you can find an overview of what these changes are when it comes to combat and other such mechanics as well as added mechanics from the world of Suiko.


In Armor is separated into four components rather than one single armor, to allow for better customization options and more possibilities when it comes to adventuring and finding magical items.


There are some major challenges to weapons when trying to convert Suikoden to D&D (3.5 or 5e) mainly the fact that each character gets a single weapon that they upgrade as they continue through the game and all that comes with it.

  • Each time a weapon is sharpened it increases a level and has a fixed amount of attack power specific to that level added to its base attack power.
  • A weapon's name will change as specific levels. This name change is primarily aesthetic, but in some games the name change has been accompanied by an unusually large increase in a weapon's strength at the level corresponding to that of the name change.
  • Each Blacksmith has a limit in regards to weapon levels (with the exception of the blacksmith that resides at the player's castle). The maximum level that they are capable of sharpening a weapon to can be increased by acquiring new hammers for the blacksmith. In general, there are four hammers that can be acquired: Iron, Copper, Silver, and Gold.

In the weapons page, we describe how weapons, weapons proficiencies and sharpening work for Suiko.

Runes & Magic[edit]

There are some major challenges to the Spellcasting system when trying to convert Suikoden to D&D (3.5 or 5e) such as the fact that the game system uses a Magic stat to determine the potency of spells as well as the amount of Rune Slots each character has accessible per rest. Another is the fact that rune slots cap at level four, whereas D&D utilizes nine levels of slots.

All magic in Suiko is managed through the use of Rune Crystals. Commonly referred to as Runes, they contain magic that bestows various effects and spells to those that they are equipped with. These runes can be grouped in a couple of categories and different levels of some runes (for example Fire Rune, Rage Rune and True Fire Rune); each granting greater and greater power.

Runes can be categorized as Spell Runes, Skill Runes or Passive Runes .

Unite Attacks[edit]

After a certain amount of time fighting together, PC's may develop a combined (unite) attack with another PC to produce an even stronger attack. While close range fighters might perform a series of consecutives attacks that encircle the enemies, Mages can unite two different spells into a devastating new spell. While the damage can become many times stronger than the normal attack, the toll might also be pretty steep.

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