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In this setting, as part of a Character's backstory at level 1 a player must select a type of weapon to gain proficiency in and if they choose to, the weapon's name. This allows any class of character to use any weapon they want, as long as it makes sense for the character and the DM allows it. Each character may upgrade (sharpen) that weapon as they continue through the game. If a DM is feeling particularly generous, they may choose to allow players two weapons: One for melee and one for ranged combat.

Sharpening Your Weapon[edit]

In this setting, Weapons have a maximum of 16 levels divided into four tiers: Common, Fine, Rare, and Legendary. Each time a weapon changes tier, they gain additional bonuses and a new name.

weapon Tiers
Tier Levels
Common 1-7
Fine 8-12
Rare 13-15
Legendary 16

But sharpening your weapon is no easy task, it requires the right tools and some Bits. While it may be expensive, a sharper weapon provides bonuses that are worth every Bit.

Weapon Sharpening Table
Level Bonuses Cost to next level
1 None 10 gold
2 Example 25 gold
3 Example 50 gold
4 Example 100 gold
5 Example 250 gold
6 Example 500 gold
7 Example 1000 gold
8 Name Change, Higher damage Die, +1 Proficiency 500 gold
9 Example 800 gold
10 Example 1000 gold
11 Example 5000 gold
12 Example 10000 gold
13 Name Change, Higher damage Die, +1 Proficiency 25000 gold
14 Example 50000 gold
15 Example DM choice
16 Name Change, Homebrewed Magical Weapon Max Level

Weapon Proficiency[edit]

Rune Shards[edit]

There are five types of Rune Shards: Earth, Fire, Lightning, Water, & Wind. Each one, when tempered into a weapon, increases its enhancement bonus to damage by +1 (Max +4, not including Damage Levels) and treats the damage added from enhancement as the corresponding damage type. [Earth (Acid), Fire (Fire), Lightning (Electric), Water (Cold), Wind (Thunder)] If the weapon has not had its damage level enhanced yet, treat it as if it had a +0 enhancement bonus to damage.

Magical Focus Weapons[edit]

Spellcasters may take a special option for their weapon. If you are using the two weapon option for this setting, taking this option only allows you to have one weapon.

The player chooses the aesthetic of the focus, be it Orb, Rod or Amulet. The important part of this weapon is the Rune Crystal attached to it, created from a mixture of Rune Dust and molten glass. The element of the Focus depends on the type of Rune the dust originally came from and hardens the glass to more of a gem quality.

Magic Focus weapons deal 1d4 damage and have a range of 50/150. They can be tempered and enhanced as any other weapon. Optionally (if you are using the magic item variant option) at every third level the player gets to choose a cantrip that the Focus gains access to. Only one of the (eventual) three cantrips may be an attack, the other two must be a utility spell that fits with the element of the Rune used. (Fire may give Firebolt, Light, Dancing Lights, Produce Flame, etc.)

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