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Here are some of the major challenges to the Spellcasting system when trying to convert Suikoden to D&D (3.5 or 5e)

  • The game system uses a Magic stat to determine the potency of spells, Spell Levels usable and Spell Slots each character has accessible per rest.
  • Each rune has a specific list of spells usable, while classes in D&D get to learn and prepare spells.
  • There are only 4 spell levels in runes whereas in D&D there are up to 9 level of spells.
  • There are no cantrips, rituals or components to magic unlike D&D.

This means we are going to have to make some compromises between both to make a workable, fun and challenging system for magic.


All magic in Suiko is controlled by Rune Crystals. Commonly referred to as Runes, they contain elements of magic that bestow various effects and spells to those that they are equipped with. Runes can be categorized as Spell Runes, Skill Runes or Passive Runes.

Spellcasting is an ability gained by the attachment of Magic Runes to the user's body by means of a Rune Sage. Every class has access to the use of runes, though some have greater power than others and some are more efficient with one type of Runes than others.

Attaching runes[edit]

A Rune Sage can affix a rune’s power onto one of three Placements (Orb slots): Left Hand, Right Hand or Forehead. Runes can be equipped, removed and replaced by a Runemaster during downtime. Often requiring a monetary fee of 100 bits.

Every PC’s has a single Orb slot open on their Left or Right Hand. You may choose to allow them to choose which one or determine it off their dominant hand. As they become stronger, and depending on their class, they unlock new Orb Slots to use

Magic Runes[edit]

Known and Prepared Spells[edit]

In Suiko there are no known or prepared spells, instead, spells are only available by the attachment of Magic Runes. Every rune holds a specific set of four spells of the same type of magic that are usable only when they are affixed to the character. Every class has some access to the use of runes, though some have greater affinity and are more powerful than others.

A player’s Spellcasting Ability modifier will determine how many levels of Rune spells they have access to with the maximum being 5. A player’s Spellcasting Ability modifier depends on their class, for example a wizard’s Spellcasting Ability is Intelligence while a Sorcerer’s is Charisma. For example, a wizard with an Intelligence modifier of +3 and a Fire Rune attached, has access to the first three rune spell levels which would be 1 through 3.

What spells levels are available in a rune also depend on what Tier Rune it is.

Rune Tiers
Tier Spell level
Common 1-4
Rare 1-6
Unique 1-8 True Runes 1-9

We will discuss the challenges and benefits of True Runes in their own section.

Spell Slots[edit]


Every Magic Rune will allow for a Cantrip spell that is considered a level 0 Spell


Some spells can be cast as rituals with the aid of the runes power only outside of combat.


Only Verbal and Somatic components will be taken into consideration as Material components are not necessary thanks to the runes power

Skill Runes[edit]

Passive Runes[edit]

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