Seed of the Forgotten (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, rare

A seed of the forgotten is a small, slightly transparent, red seed, which are said to, at times, fall out of planar rifts, and on the very odd occasion, plant themselves.
If a seed of the forgotten is eaten as is, it allows the eater to create a very mild mental block, allowing protection of their choice of minute information (such as their age, name, or place of birth) about themselves to be taken from their mind, using any form of magic, or natural ability, such as the detect thoughts spell.
Eating more than one seed of the forgotten is extremely dangerous, and causes the eater to themselves forget what they had previously blocked others from discovering.
If a seed of the forgotten is planted, it will take a week to bloom into a small, light red flower, which, if eaten, can cause the eater to forget years of their own lives.
The petals of a flower of the forgotten, can be used to create a potent memory-erasing potion, after consuming said potion, the drinker will forget the last 1d6 days.

Seed of the Forgotten

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