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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A purple sun shield with an eye on it. Two crossed Guisarme are behind it.
Home Plane:
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: She shields those that have lost beyond reach something precious. She protects and sustains her followers. She is the goddess of the sun and her light reveals all the injustices done in the night.
Clergy Alignments: She cannot abide any who are evil.
Domains: Glory Domain,Protection Domain, Sun Domain, War Domain
Favored Weapon: Guisarme
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More information...

Ryla was once a goddess of hard and steady work and she blessed the good women in the land for being dutiful wives. When her betrothed was cursed by her sister to wander the earth in a search she became Ryla the Grieving and Ever Watchful. She became a goddess of fierce protection and and rained death on those that would harm those that serve her.


Protect the weak and lost from those seeking to harm them. Always be charitable and be willing to sacrifice for others. Her dogma is reminiscent of the way a mother fiercely protects her children from harm.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

More temples then either her sister or father despite her lesser Deity status she has an enormous amount of followers. Her temples also function as orphanages and homes for the poor. Her clergy are all kindly men and women that wear warm pale yellow humble habits and can be seen giving out food and coin to those that need it. The other half of her clergy are the EverWatch. These powerful clerics and paladins guard her holy city of Frontline and are the only people allowed to carry weapons in the city besides her counterparts order, the EverSearch. In times of war the EverWatch rides out to defend the homeland.


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