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Symbol: Unknown
Home Plane: Material Plane
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Unknown
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword

Ordmal (ord-mahl)

He is the Sabayoh brother of Nril. After the war against Exaka, he was charged with the duty of gathering the remaining forces from Exaka's army and imprisoning those beasts which had joined the wicked Gods ranks. Rejiksson saw that Ordmal hated his job, and worried that he would desert and join with his brother Astor, Rejiksson paired Ordmal with his sister Ohmriel in an arranged marraige. Both Sabayohs argued the point to no avail. Though they were engaged, the ceremony took place, as the marriage was supposed to take place upon Ordmal capturing the last great beast for imprisonment, a task he avoided and cast upon Nril (who himself was then imprisoned). He refused to return to Nymnelia, and not bothering to push the point, Rejiksson left Ordmal to stay on the material plane, to fulfill his duties during wartime, the purpose he was created for, and thus he held no obligation to lend his aide during peacetime.

While Ordmal is quite proficient at battle, he prefers the pleasures that life on the Material Plane offers. He often hangs out in small taverns, slaying local monsters for coin to buy himself ale and the company of women. He's appears as a tall, dark haired and tan young man. When he prepares himself for war, he calls his bastard sword to his waiting hand, as well as his Red Shoulder Guard, a platemail construction that covers his entire sword arm and grants him greater power to fight. Despite being born a powerful sabayoh, he dispises his lot as a servant, and as such, despises royalty and governments as well. Caring only for himself, he wastes much of the power he wields laying about. When he grows tired of the company of mortals, he goes to visit old friends from the war, especially those on the other side. He holds respect for those who take control of their destiny, even if he has little motivation to do so for himself. He has made many powerful evil friends in his long existence, such as liches, vampire lords and mariliths.

Since Ordmal travels from town to town, he has become known by many names. His true name seems to be lost to him and Rejiksson. He has been called Ordmiel, Ormac, Oh'Dimar, Sword Maelstrom, Nordmark, Hardmal, Aahdmael, and Mordriel.


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