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Symbol: A fully armored woman with wings.
Home Plane: Nymnelia, High Valley
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Unknown
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword

Ohmriel (ohm-ree-el)

She is one of the Sabayoh made by Rejiksson to fight against Exaka in the great war. She is also the younger sister of Nril. Since the war, she has retired to bureaucratic duties for Rejiksson. Wrapped in her duties, she toils endlessly to keep everything organized for her Lord and creator. She appears to be a bright, polite and attractive young woman. In her daily duties, she dresses in finely polished armor, highly decorated, and adorned with gossamer sashes and robes. She is a Nymnelian Paladin, and carries strong allegiances for Rejiksson and her brother Nril. When she enters into combat, she wields Forged Sky, a bastard sword constructed by Veti, she leaps about the battlefield with shining wings unfurled, cleaving demons and pressing her troops forward.


Rom Pantheon 3

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