Robes of the Ascended (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement by a creature of neutral or lawful neutral alignment)

A set of yellow, ascetic robes. Typically worn by those of great faith or wisdom, they are a vessel in which one's mind, body and soul may truly ascend - quite literally.
While wearing these robes, you can use your bonus action to start levitating a short distance off the ground in a cross-legged sitting position, as if you had taken a seat on an invisible chair. You continue to levitate in this way until you are knocked prone or use your bonus action to end the effect. While levitating in this way, you can move normally, but can't jump. You are also unaffected by difficult terrain, but are affected by changes in elevation, and you will cease levitating and start falling if you move off of a steep enough change in elevation, such as a cliff, suspended walkway, or similar high surface.

Withom, Wise of the Third Wind, wearing a set of traditional Robes of the Ascended.

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