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Weapon (dagger), Uncommon

Religous Tool: Ritual Dagger is a magic dagger that grants a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it.When you use this dagger you gain advantage on all checks to make runes, carvings, wood statues, and anything else of a similar nature.

Blessings of Divine Nature: when wielding the Ritual Dagger you can attempt to gain favor in a certain god or powerful being to do this you must make an object that represents a god or powerful being then sprinkle diamond dust worth 100gp and focus on the dagger like you would a spell. after two to five hours later you will be given a list of things to gather(This is determined by the DM) once you gather these things near the object you made the god or powerful creature will bestow that item with one magic effect (You can use the table below to decide Or have a custom effect by your DM choice).

(Roll a D12 if you can't decide)
1.Blessing of Speed: For the duration of the Blessing you gain a +10 to your movement speed 
2.Blessing of Strength: For the duration of the Blessing You gain an advantage on all Strength checks and saves.
3.Blessing of Wisdom: For the duration of the Blessing You gain an advantage on all Wisdom checks and saves.
4.Blessing of Sliver tongue: For the duration of the Blessing You gain an advantage on all Charisma persuasion checks.
5.Blessing of Silence: For the duration of the Blessing You gain an advantage on all Stealth checks.
6.Blessing of Charm: You can cast 5e SRD:Charm Person twice per week.
7.Blessing of Thunder: You can cast 5e SRD:Thunderwave twice per week.
8.Blessing of Water: For the duration of the Blessing You gain a Swim speed of 30ft and you can breathe in water.
9.Blessing of Healing: You can cast 5e SRD:Healing Word at second level twice per week. 
10.Blessing of Nature: You can cast 5e SRD:Entangle twice per week.
11.Blessing of Protection: You can cast 5e SRD:Shield twice per week.
12.Blessing of Flight: You can cast 5e SRD:Fly once per week.

Blessings Rules:Each one of these effects last for one minute unless its a spell or states otherwise(If its a spell you follow the normal time the spell says it takes. Also for every spell that requires concentration that is cast by the object does not require you to focus on the spell.) How you go about activating the Blessing is decided by the DM(Some examples include: Asking for the Powerful being help, a command word, and many more.). Depending on the god or being the blessing could last on the object could last any amount of time the being who blessed it wishes.

Ritual Dagger (I do not claim to own this image)

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