Rite of The Elemental Blood (5e Spell)

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Rite Of Elemental Blood
9th-level Transmutation
Casting time: 12 hours
Range: 100 feet
Components: V, S, M (8,000 GP of ruby dust, that's consumed on casting)
Duration: Concentration (For the 12 hours), Permanent

Chose one of fire, acid, cold, and lightning. one creature, who must remain within range through the whole casting, gains these effects:

  • Whenever a creature hits an enemy in melee they take 4d6 damage of the chosen damage type.
  • The target of this spell gains resistance to the chosen damage type, if the target already has resistance they instead gain immunity.
  • The target is immune to disease as well as ingested and injury triggered poisons not specifically made for elemental blood.
  • The target gains these effects based on their element:
    • If the caster chose cold, the target now loses an exhaustion level per day whenever they are in temperature of 0 Fahrenheit or lower, and regain 1 hp/minute in conditions of -40 or less, but are vulnerable to fire damage and have disadvantage to saving throws against hot weather.
    • If the caster chose fire, the target is now capable of going without water indefinitely with no adverse effects so long as they remain in conditions of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, and may go without food in conditions of 110 degrees or higher, but they may only hold their breath for con-2 minutes(min 30 seconds) and automatically fail your first death saving throw from drowning and are vulnerable to cold damage
    • If the caster chose lightning, the target's speed is doubled for a turn whenever they would take lightning damage, and the target's next melee attack deals half the damage they would have taken. However, they take 5d6 force damage at the start of their turn if they are in water even if they are partially immersed.
    • If the caster chose acid, the target now may breathe in any liquid that contains oxygen(like almost all acids) and may choose to, when reduced to 0 hp, instantly die, but explode in gore dealing 5d6 acid damage to everyone in a 20-foot radius. You have disadvantage to all saves against contact poisons as your mildly acidic skin slowly absorbs all things in contact with it

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