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Ring, legendary (requires attunement by wizard or warlock)

The ring of necromancy is a semi-sentient magic item that influences your thoughts towards having a sociopathic attitude. This ring has 8 charges. While wearing this ring you gain the following benefits:

Evil Spellcasting. You may spend any amount of charges to cast a necromancy spell at a level equal to the amount of charges spent.

Infect. As an action, you may touch the obsidian on the ring and spend 3 charges to make all creatures in a 50 foot radius around you make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw to take half of the 5d8 necrotic damage. If any humanoids die, they are raised as a zombie that remains under your control for 24 hours.

This ring regains 1d4 + 4 charges at dusk.

Curse: Every time you see a dead body you must make a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or want make clothes out of it. This effect does not repeat for the same dead bodies. At dusk every day, you must make a DC 13 Intelligence saving throw or you start attacking friendly creatures until you are unconscious. If a greater restoration spell or better is cast on you, the ring's curse is put on hold for 8 hours.

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