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Ring, very rare

This ring is made of twisted bronze with the words “Be gone” engraved on the inner side of the ring in Abyssal, which can only be seen when heated in flames. Many rings of this nature were made by the Cruel Wizard who designed the rings in an attempt to discourage those that would steel from his vast collection of magical jewelry and artifacts. In the wizard's later life, he descended into madness and purposely allowed his home to fall into disrepair so that others would steal from him and would be cursed.

Gruesome Illusion. As the wearer dons this ring, they will discover there are no benefits to this ring and will have a sudden, swift feeling of dread. If the wearer attempts to remove the ring from their finger, they will see a gruesome image of that finger being pulled away from the hand, with a bloody, gory depiction. They do not feel any pain from this illusion.

Finger Decapitation. If the ring is taken off the finger and dropped from the wearer's grasp or otherwise not worn by them, then their finger is detached and disappears and leaves the being with a healed over place where the finger was. The finger that has disappeared is transported to Fimfe, the plane of lost limbs.

Removal. The curse can only be lifted if the wear has been dead for an hour. Upon the death of the wearer, the ring will grow around the wrist of the being and cause it to disappear into the plane of Fimfe. The ring can be removed using the remove curse spell.

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