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Ring, very rare (requires attunement)

This ring can vary between the colors red, orange, yellow, and gray. It tends to be a tight fit, no matter the size of the finger that it is put on. It adjusts its size to tighten around your finger, while at the same time, when it is passed through an antimagic field or is hit with dispel magic, the ring is loosened and simply falls off your finger.
Normally, no one would even look at this ring, but the ring calls to anyone nearby as it has been cursed by the ring's first bearer. Along with that curse, you become addicted to the ring and its power. When you put the ring on, you must make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw. Seems easy enough, right? But every hour this ring is on your finger, you must make another Wisdom saving throw, adding 1 to the DC every hour. On a failure, you become obsessed with the ring and will stop at nothing to protect it, even if it is in someone else's hand, to the point of death.

Fire Ring. You can cast burning hands or fire bolt at will as an action, using Intelligence as your spellcasting ability. When you cast either spell in this way, you take 1 fire damage.

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