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Wondrous Item, Rare (Optional Attunement)

A Relll is a blue crystalline stone with a fabric-like texture. While you hold it and you are the target of a melee attack, you can expend 1 spell slot or 1 hit die as a reaction to have the attack automatically miss you. If you are not attuned to it, this happens every time you are hit with a melee attack instead, requiring no reaction on your end. If you no longer have hit dice or spell slots, you become an absorbing magnet for attacks, any attack made within 60 ft of you, regardless of the target, is counted as if it targeted you.

Upon Destruction. The Relll can only be destroyed by effects of a Disintegrate, Spells that cast at 5th level or higher that deal at least 25 points of damage, an Adamantine Weapon that critically hits you if they attack you, or if its bathed in acid, lava or some form destructive hazard. If the Relll were to be destroyed, the person it is attuned to loses all of their spell slots or all of their hit dice (their choice when the attunement ends this way). If they don't have any hit dice left, they can't lose their hit dice, losing instead their spell slots. If they don't have any spell slots then they can't lose their spell slots, losing all their hit dice instead. If they have neither spell slots or hit dice, then they instead take 7d12 psychic damage instead.

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