Regressed Fists of Balance (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item (Handwraps), Rare (requires attunement by a creature with ki points)

An old legend tells of an order of monks who lived within a castle of ice submerged beneath a sea of fire, a symbol of balance and stability within a chaotic world. Though many have searched for this fabled contradiction, for the most part, only rumors and a handful of artifacts such as these have been recovered.

Hard strike. Your unarmed strike’s attack and damage rolls increase by +1.

Burn. You can cast the produce flame spell for 1 Ki point.

Freeze. You can cast the ray of frost spell for 1 Ki point.

Elemental Strike. You can choose to make your unarmed strikes deal an additional 1d4 cold or fire damage.

Inner flame. As a reaction directly before taking cold or fire damage, for 3 Ki Points, you gain resistance to fire and cold damage until the end of your next turn.

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