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Weapon (rapier), Legendary ((requires attunement))

The Libidonous Origin of Ravisher, The Rapier of Ravaging Rapidity

Legend has it that the original owner of Ravish was a notoriously infamous libertine lothario, Phallusian Magnificanus, whose lecherous adventures into sybaritic debauchery with a myriad maid and madam lead him into duel upon duel with enraged husbands and rival suitors, and also resulted in many a daring escape out of windows, across rooftops, and over walls evading said jilted rivals and cuckolds. Such was the incorrigible passion of the ribald cad that his ardor was infused within his equally infamous blade Ravisher, The Rapier of Ravaging Rapidity.

Bonerific Bonuses:

The bawdy blade is a most mighty weapon which even unattuned deals a hefty 1d10+3.

Once the wielder is attuned to the blade, Ravish increases the wielder's Dex +1 and Charisma +2, even above 20, and is an absolutely devastating blade in melee, dealing slashing or piercing damage of 1d10+3+Dex, also gifting its wielder amazing acceleration of foot, with +10 to speed, and an automatic extra attack, in addition of the potential of 3 more extra attacks.

If the wielder rolls a nat-18 an extra attack is gifted by the blade, then 2 extra attacks on a roll of nat-19, and 3 extra attacks on a roll of nat-20. Nat-18 through 20 are automatic hits, with Nat-20 being a critical hit as well. In addition, the deadly defense of the blade's magic adds a +1 to the wielder's AC, who also cannot be hit by attacks of opportunity.

Furthermore, any creature normally resistant or immune to piercing or slashing damage must make a saving throw equal to the wielder's AC or take double damage. If the save is made, half damage is taken, unless the save is a natural 20, then no damage.

Decadent Drawbacks:

However, if the bearer of the blade sees a person with Charisma of 15 or higher who causes attraction in-line with the owner's sexual orientation, the owner must make a saving throw equal or higher than their AC or be completely distracted until the object of the obsession is out of view.

If a roll of 2 is thrown, the owner of blade will be utterly infatuated with the object of desire, and can only be stopped from pursuing the affections of said person by restraint, being rendered unconscious, or having said object of desire receive the entreaties of the blade's owner in reciprocal manner, whereupon the dalliance being completed, the owner of the blade will loose all interest in said person permanently.

If a roll of a Natural 1 is thrown, the owner of the blade becomes a rapacious slave to the libidonous and lascivious magic of the blade, and will pursue the object of their predatory desire relentlessly, and will take what they hunger for whether the object of desire wills it or not. In this egregious case, the owner of the blade must be restrained for a full day, before they will regain their senses. Once sanity has returned, they will have disadvantage on ALL saving throws for 1d6+1 days because of their absolute mortification at their horrible actions, unless the wielder is of evil alignment.

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