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Random Race
# Race
1 Human
2 Elf, High
3 Dwarf, Hill
4 Halfling, Lightfoot
5 Gnome, Rock
6 Half-Elf
7 Half-Orc
8 Orc
9 Kobold
10 Goblin
11 Spellscale
12 Dragonborn
13 Raptoran
14 Xeph
15 Elan
16 Half-Giant
17 Goliath
18 Synad
19 Dromite
20 Warforged
Random Class
# Class
1 Favored Soul
2 Ninja
3 Sorcerer
4 Wizard
5 Rogue
6 Fighter
7 Monk
8 Druid
9 Cleric
10 Paladin
11 Bard
12 Barbarian
13 Swordsage
14 Knight
15 Warlock
16 Scout
17 Psion
18 Soulknife
19 Duskblade
20 Artificer

Alternative Table

To use the following table roll 2d20 and check the result, by example if in your first roll you get a 2, and on your second roll you get a 3, your random class is Cleric.If you got a 9 and then a 1, you get an Archivist, a 20 and a 11 will give you a Warlock.

Alternative Table: Non Psionic Base Classes
# 1-7 8-14 15-20
1 Barbarian Archivist Shugenja
2 Bard Beguiler Sohei
3 Cleric Binder Soulborn
4 Druid Crusader Spellthief
5 Monk Dragon Shaman Spirit Shaman
6 Fighter Dragonfire Adept Swashbuckler
7 Paladin Dread Necromancer Swordsage
8 Rogue Duskblade Totemist
9 Ranger Factotum Truenamer
10 Sorcerer Favored Soul Warblade
11 Wizard Healer Warlock
12 Barbarian Hexblade Warmage
13 Bard Incarnate Wu Jen
14 Cleric Knight Barbarian
15 Druid Marshal Bard
16 Monk Ninja Cleric
17 Fighter Samurai Druid
18 Paladin Scout Monk
19 Ranger Shaman Fighter
20 Rogue Shadowcaster Rogue

On your campaigns add or modify columns of this table to show the classes available.

Quick rule to modify probabilities

When you roll on a 20 items table, each race/class has a 5% odd.To decrease the odds, let's say for a Warforged, reroll and took Warforged only if your dice is a 17 or more, and reroll on the table again if you got a 16 or less.This way Warforged has a 1% odd.This also raises the probability of the rest of the races on the next rolls.

Option: If you roll the same race/class twice, just took it, no need for an extra roll.If you got a 1 on your check roll, roll a d10 in the next one .

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