Radnalek Eyepatch (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

An eyepatch that strangely changes color every dawn.

Roll 1d10 at dawn to determine what color the eyepatch turns:

Number Rolled Color Effect
1 Red Resistance to fire damage and +1 to Acrobatics checks
2 Black Resistance to necrotic damage and +1 to Intimidation checks
3 Lime Green Resistance to poison damage and +1 to Perception checks
4 Yellow Resistance to lightning damage and +1 to Investigation checks
5 White Resistance to radiant damage and +1 to Religion checks
6 Swamp Green Resistance to acid damage and +1 to Sleight of Hand checks
7 Brown Resistance to thunder damage and +1 to History checks
8 Gray Resistance to force damage and +1 to Deception checks
9 Blue Resistance to cold damage and +1 to Arcana checks
10 Puce Resistance to psychic damage and +1 to Insight checks

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