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Races of Verendal[edit]

The races of Verendal are wide and varied. Vernedal is a place of power and war. Due to this, there is equal cause for devastation and sorrow.

Common Races[edit]

Common races are found in cities, towns and just about everywhere else in between.


Humans can hold down just about any position available; be it guard, shopkeeper, or the beggar on the corner.

Dwarves and Gnomes[edit]

Dwarves are master smiths and Gnomes are master craftsman. Within Verendal, Dwarves and Gnomes have a dual society that is known as the Factotum Collective. This societal agreement has made it to where Dwarves and Gnomes work together to produce all sorts of equipment; be it mundane or magical.


Spry and wiry, halflings can usually be found at people's knees if they just happen to look down. Halflings are often messengers, couriers and shop hands that assist all manner of profession.

Uncommon Races[edit]

Uncommon races can be seen somewhat sparingly in cities but are more often found in settlements for their races.


Goliaths, otherwise known as Half-Giants, were first seen in Verendal after an expedition to the Ordning of Giants. Goliaths are often uneasy around Draconic races due to the history between The Ordning and the Kin Empire.


Few people know they have ever met a changeling since most can't see the difference between a changeling and the norm of another race when they are changed. Changelings, if you have the connections, can be found in spy organizations, thieves' guilds and other nefarious enterprises.


Firbolg decided to split from their Giantkin and left to follow other pursuits but due to their secretive nature they did not share what.

Satyrs and Dryads[edit]

Satyrs and Dryads are very friendly to all they meet. Almost no one ever has a bad experience with them.

Rare Races[edit]

Rare races are so hard to come by that people have gone their whole lives without even seeing a member from the race.


Dhamphir are the offspring of a vampire and a humanoid. They avoid sunlight when possible and avoid drawing attention to themselves.


Chibido are often mistaken for Elves due to having a similar appearance. Some accept that mistaken identity but others refuse to acknowledge it.


Aphrodians are an amphibious race in which their are significant differences in appearance with their genders. Male Aprhodians are shark-like humanoids that have aggressive tendencies, where as female Aprhodians are more similar to mermaids with innate luminescence.


Triton live with or near underwater civilizations such as Aphrodians. They use their amphibious nature to be able to communicate with surface dwelling races.


Treefolk are rare in society as they usually just stay in the forest and live with fey creatures. Finding one in a city is a sight to behold.


Living ice, Frota prefer living at the peaks of mountains or in caves where they can stay cool.

Draconic Races[edit]

Draconic races are most often found in the Kin Empire but they can have separate societies.


By far the most common race found in the Kin Empire but fairly sparse in other areas.


Dragonfolk are the only race from the Beastfolk that prefers to live apart from the kingdom. In Verendal, they live in a floating citadel that can roam.


Often confused as Dragonborn, often insulted by the notion, but are generally a very prominent dragon race in societies that can get past their arrogance.

Construct Races[edit]

Construct races are races that were either built or were otherwise found to be formed in someway or another other than through a biological process.


Built by the Factotum Collective, Warforged come in several types ranging from metal, rock, wood or even crystal.


The Living Gate, personified. Shardmind are a psionic race that has a varied culture depending on how they wish to restore the Living Gate.


Astral constructs, they live in peaceful societies usually with only their own race though they have been known to go with other races to make their mark.

Wild Races[edit]

Wild races populate the Middle Lands with small settlements. They are often xenophobic and untrustworthy of other races.


Lawful and combative, Minotaurs would sooner offer a fight rather than ambush a target. The only proven way to earn the trust of a Minotaur is to defeat them in single unarmed combat.


Centaurs are a nomadic race that travels throughout the region. Centaurs can be found in towns or cities if they were left behind due to age or becoming sickly.


Chimerans are a monstrous race that come in several different variations. They can be seen blending in with races that share similar appearances or being used as shock troops by Goblinoids of The Dreg.


Shifters are descendants of lycanthropes and are often in small jungle or plains area and prefer to avoid other people if possible.

Planar Races[edit]

Planar races are native to another plane of existence or are the descendants of creatures native to other planes of existence.


Gith have made there presence known by supporting both the Kin Empire and the Dark Queen's forces. They serve as astral guardians and are well prized.


Tieflings come in different shapes and variations due to their infernal heritage. Most of them serve the Dark Queen's forces but there are few that defected.


Aasmir are often found in churches or cathedrals. They may take up the mantle of being a Bright Lord, the paladin that stands above the rest.


Genasi are embodiments of elemental energy. Coming from the other planes of existence their appearance is wide and varied depending on which plane they originate from.


Aarakocra make their homes in tall mountains or they live with the Sky Elves. They are often distrusting of non-flying races.


Meick are an empathic race native to the Astral Plane. They are often found near Astral portals to that they can journey home whenever they please.


Elven races vary in appearance and ability based on where they were born and have adapted to their environments.

Sky Elves (Avariel)[edit]

Sky Elves live among themselves and do not interact with other races of elves believing themselves to be superior due to being granted the gift of flight by the Goddess Se'Palh

Desert Elves[edit]

Desert Elves live in the outskirts of the Fire Lands in the Searing Dessert. Their society usually consists of a Cleric that leads their settlement and Paladins that defend them.

Ice Elves[edit]

Ice Elves are a plague among elvenkind. An Ice Elves' very touch can alter another elf into an Ice Elf. Due to this, xenophobia is very prominent when other elves confront an Ice Elf...if they don't try to kill them on sight first.

Fire Elves[edit]

Fire Elves are an aggressive and domineering race. Many of them are Barbarians and Fighters. Trying to separate them from their weapon may be the last thing you ever do.

Sea Elves[edit]

Usually found underwater, Sea Elves live with Aphrodians and other undersea races finding that the sea is as enjoyable as it is expansive.

Mountain Elves[edit]

Mountains Elves prefer the company of Dwarves than to other Elves and would rather get in the muck and build something than sit in a palace drinking tea.

High Elves[edit]

High Elves are usually found as Elven royalty or just some self-entitled elf with something to prove.

Dark Elves (Drow)[edit]

Drow are more often than not are found in the Underdark or having nefarious intentions.

Wood Elves[edit]

Wood Elves roam the Everlasting Forrest and choose to live apart from other elven society.


Of the Old Kingdom, Eldarin are thought to be nearly extinct. They can however be found in the service of Elven royalty as Baelnorn, divine undead.

Half Elves[edit]

Half Elves are the result of the Elf and Humanoid union. They are friendly, outgoing and have tendencies to their elven lineage.


Beastfolk hail from the Kingdom of Beasts. Each race unique in their own way and contribute to the society.


Defenders, Bearon work for the protection of the Kingdom. After the Kingdom fell, Bearon often live with druids or other bears.


Warriors, Lionfolk populate the bulk of the Kingdom's armies. After the Kingdom fell, Lionfolk became mercenaries or went to serve in other armies to maintain the structure it gave them.


Savage, Hogfolk led the rise of gruella tactics and unique approaches to combat. After the Kingdom fell, Hogfolk became thugs and hired muscle for any who could fill their belly.


Deceptive, Jackalfolk were thieves...and after the Kingdom fell...they were still thieves.


Proud, Rhinofolk were fierce warriors on par with Lionfolk. After the Kingdom fell, Rhinofolk became soldiers for other armies or went into seclusion.


Sneaky, Lizardfolk worked with Jackalfolk in establishing the criminal underground of the Kingdom. They maintained that relationship and spread out to have dealings with other races.


Clever, Rabbitfolk were the most prominent magic users in the Kingdom. They were often court wizards or sages loyal to a particular leader and their family.


Timid, Mousefolk were scouts and couriers. They continue this profession, have kept quiet and out of most other affairs.


Conniving, Ratfolk were rivals to Lizardfolk and Jackalfolk. There were often territorial disputes which led to conflict over monetary gains.


Carefree, Otterfolk went to live with Sea Elves and Aphrodians even before the Kingdom fell. Their population has not been significantly effected by the fall of the Kingdom of Beasts.


Forrest Dwellers, Tigerfolk maintained a rather simplistic lifestyle and have made their stay with Wood Elves, Satyrs, Dryads and all other sorts of fey in the Everlasting Forrest


Nomadic, Wolffolk were always on the move. Even after the Kingdom fell, Wolffolk maintained being nomads and never truly laid down roots.


Adopted members of the Kingdom of the Beasts. Tabaxi were welcomed with open arms to all Beastfolk.

The Dreg Races[edit]


Half-orcs are just a war faring race that gets involved in just about any conflict they can find. It doesn't matter what side they are on, who is in the right or who is winning; they will fight for the sake of fighting. All manner of Orcs make up the foot soldiers of the Dreg.


Orcs, much like Half-orcs, are aggressive and seen as a war faring race that will do anything for a fight. They are often leading other orcs or half-orcs. All manner of Orcs make up the foot soldiers of the Dreg.


Goblins are the multitude of the Dreg. For every 1 other type of the Dreg there are 5 Goblins. Goblins are used a slaves, cannon fodder or other degrading tasks.


Bugbears make up the shock troops of the Dreg. They are reckless, rage bound and hold no quarter for anything or anybody in their way.


Hobgoblins are the leaders of the Dreg. In order to rule they must prove themselves worthy in combat. It is not uncommon for 1 battle to have several "changes in command" over its course.

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