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The Dreg[edit]

Militaristic outcasts, slavers and vagabonds. Those who call themselves Dreg are out for themselves and will work for anyone who is willing to pay and not ask questions. They organize their troops using a caste system where they are at the top. There are rumors that they have their own agenda.

The Caste System[edit]

Hobgoblins claim to be the race that started the Dreg and since no member of the Dreg want to end up dead to rights, they believe them. As such, they hold the majority in the first caste.

The first caste is for leaders of the Dreg. Hobgoblin and Orc Warlords are the most prominent. Each house in this caste has at least 3 slaves of their choice. They live a wealthy lifestyle.


Hobgoblins rule over The Dreg. They use their military training to organize a bunch of half-cocked bandits into a strategic fighting force. They enjoy to pillage, plunder and enslave while their underlings take the risk of death but they are no slouch when it comes to combat.


Orcs are the foot soldiers of the Dreg. They are in the second caste. The Orc Warlords however, are in the first caste with the Hobgoblin Warlords. They man the front line with Bugbears, Goblins and slaves that have earned the right to fight for The Dreg.


Bugbears are the goblinoid shock troops of The Dreg. They are in the third caste because of their usefulness in battle. They are either on the front line or bound to a single hobgoblin to do with as they please. They are kept on a tight leash but some hobgoblins prefer to sever that leash when they are no longer able to prove their worth.


Goblins are the cannon fodder, they are promised glory and prestige in combat but often times they die on the battlefield before reaping those rewards. Goblins are the four caste. They outnumber the other castes by 5 to 1 but they are not nearly strategic enough to organize a rebellion and win.

Dreg Slaves[edit]

Just about any creature can be a slave of the Dreg as they are not too picky on who they choose. The preferences however are to Chimerans, Minotaurs, Ogres and Trolls.

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