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The peoples of the central sea are varied in both cultures and races. Here elves try to further the influence of their beloved Elmeyr while humans and dwarves live, fight and die together as brothers in arms. half-orcs have an entire continent under their rule, after losing their ancestral homes to hobgoblins and bugbears. Orcs and goblins are either slaves or a widespread plague, spread throughout the lands. aasimar and tieflings are easy to find in the lands of old Deros, for the holy war has brought many outsiders to these lands.

Some races are rare to the point of being considered myths. Halflings share their land with marauding orcs and survive by hiding in burrows, scholars say that their population is well under a hundred thousand. Gnomes are said to be an elvish expirement, living in small villages on the far east of Elmeyr, to most people they are simply legends. Manbeast races of many types have been created, some with more success than others, but none reaching the tenths of thousands. Attempts to create dragonborn and tortles have been successful and these races have some presence, at least most people have heard of them. Genasi are also present in small numbers, but their ability to channel their elements into this world and the proximity of their main residence to the Astrian lands makes them well known, specially in tales and legends.

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