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The first to control true magic, elves have little reason to leave their forest. Creators of beauty and lovers of crafts, it took their almost destruction to accept others as equals.

Elves are isolated and only in Masseouli they live with other races in significant numbers. Their huge forest Elmeyr is home to two ethnicities and five distinct cultures of elves, each with their language and culture. They divide their race among valley elves (high elves in the Phb) and wood elves. They treat other races with respect, and do allow foreigners to live in their land, given they have reason and wealth to do so. All elves no matter where they are born are considered natives to Elmeyr however Half-elves are not.

Elven Lands[edit]

Elves make their home in the great forest of Elmeyr and the great lake to the west of the forest, in this lands, less than 1% of the population is made up by other races. The oldest alliance in the known world is between elves and humans of the kingdom of Masseouli, where elves make up about 3% of the population. Masseouli is where almost every half-elf comes from.

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