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Wondrous Item, rare

This small 3 inch black cube has a tag on it that reads, "Pull me!". When the tag is pulled, it pops out of your hands and lands 5ft in front of you. The cube then expands into a magical 10 foot by 10 foot tent, appearing to blend into its surroundings. (i.e. if in a dense forest, the tent seems to look like thick brush; in the snow it looks like an mound of snow/igloo.) The inside of the tent is huge, it has a kitchen, furniture, 10 beds, a large table for 10, and is well lit with magical lanterns. The tent can be stocked with rations(up to 3 days worth for 10 people). When the tag is pulled again (hangs on the entrance) the tent retracts back into the small black cube. The rations stored in the tent stays in the tent for later use, and time affects the rations stored as normal. This item can only be used once, and the item regains use of this effect at dawn.


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