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Cost: 5gp per dart

An ordinary crossbow bolt or longbow arrow, this kind of ammunition is tipped with three general categories of poison: Tranquilizer, Rarous, and lethal. (Rarous is a knd of poison that puts the victim in a long coma.) This kind of ammunition is not easy to get, so the cost may vary.

Effect of each dart:

When the victim is hit by a tranquilizer dart, they take normal damage and must make a DC 17 constitution saving throw. On a fail, they are rendered unconscious for 5 hours. When they are hit by a Rouros dart, they must make a DC 20 constitution save. If they fail by 7 or more, they must make death saves, starting with one fail and one success. If they fail by les than 7 points, they are in a coma for 3d6 days. The coma is in all respects, like the unconscious condition. If the target is hit by a lethal dart, they take 9d4 poison damage, and must make a DC 20 saving throw against falling unconscious. If this damage reduces them to 0 hit points, they are killed outright.

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