Planar Looking Glass (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, rare

This hand-sized looking glass is attuned to another one of the planes in the multiverse. A planar looking glass can never be attuned to more than one plane, and any attempts to change the plane it is attuned to will result in the looking glass shattering into pieces.

By peering deep into the looking glass, one can look at any location or being on the attuned plane as if the scrying spell had been cast. When the target makes a Wisdom saving throw to resist the effects of the spell, the DC is automatically 17, regardless of knowledge or connection. Unlike the scrying spell, creatures who can see invisible objects do not see a luminous orb, but instead see the looking glass suspended in the air.

An ornate planar looking glass.
This image is from Urza's Filter, a Magic: The Gathering card

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