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Wondrous Item, rare, very rare or legendary

Resembling an oil-filled, bronze-beaked pitcher, this magic item will create a moat around a structure when poured onto the ground. The moat creation will fail under the following conditions: if emptied onto the ground while indoors, or when further than 10 feet away from a structure, or an obstruction blocks the path of the moat, or the size of the structure exceeds the capacity of the pitcher. After a failed attempt, the pitcher will refill itself at the next dawn.

The moat takes 1 minute to form. The capacity, width and depth of the moat depends on the rarity of the pitcher:

  • Rare: Tower, outpost or fort. 15 feet across, 5 feet deep.
  • Very rare: Small castle or keep. 20 feet across, 10 feet deep.
  • Legendary: Palace or large castle. 30 feet across, 20 feet deep.

If used in conjunction with constructing such a structure as a downtime activity, using a pitcher of instant moat reduces construction time and cost by 10%.

After it is used, this item becomes a nonmagical pitcher.

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Instant Moat

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