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You are afraid of something.
Effect: You are afraid of a particular kind of object, creature or environment, as chosen from the list below. You are shaken if you are aware of the presence of something that would trigger your phobia within 30 ft. The condition lasts until the triggering situation is overcome, or 1d6 rounds if the trigger is an instantaneous event. If the trigger is an object or creature, you become frightened if you touch (or are touched by) the object; or if the creature speaks or makes a cry directly to you.

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Name Trigger Other effects
Alchluophobia (Nyctophobia) Darkness When in shadowy illumination or darkness, all spells with the shadow descriptor interact with you as if they were 20% more real.
Achondroplasiaphobia Dwarves and other races of similar size (not Halflings)
Acrophobia Heights of 15' or greater You climb at half normal climb speed.
Aichmophobia Sharp weapon(s).
Ailurophobia Cats or cat-like animals or magical beasts such as tigers or displacer beasts.
Androphobia Male humanoids
Aquaphobia Water 1 ft. deep or greater, of area 5 ft. x 5 ft. or greater.
Arachnaphobia a spider, scorpion, or any other arachnid
Gold metal If you touch gold you become shaken until you can no longer see the item.
Autophobia Being alone.
Claustrophobia Enclosed space with surfaces 10 ft. or less on two or more sides of you or a ceiling of 10 ft. or less above you.
Demophobia Twelve or more humanoids.
Entomophobia Insect swarm, or single insect of Small size or greater.
Equinophobia Horse-like animals and magical beasts such as horses and pegasus.
Gynophobia Female humanoids
Hagiophobia Holy symbols.
Haphephobia Touched harmlessly with a natural appendage, such as a hand or tentacle. You are also shaken if you touch another creature. (Instant)
Haemophobia Blood. You may assume that critical hits on warm-bloodied creatures draw blood.
Herpetophobia Reptilian animals such as lizards and snakes.
Ichthyophobia Aquatic creatures.
Illumiphobia Light from a magical source.
Ligyrophobia Being yelled at. (Instant)
Meritophobia You roll a natural 20.
Mimosphobia Chest, trunk, ect.
Necrophobia Corpses, including animated corpses (zombie, skeleton); furnishings associated with death (such as coffins or gravestones).
Pyrophobia Fire.



"We are going to go now? What, in the dark? No way am I going out there? Not without a decent lantern at least!"


“I don't like horses.” Said Adon, leaning on his bow.
“What's wrong with them? Flondor stroked the neck of a brown stallion. “These are the finest horses south of the Great Mountains.”
Adon shrugged. “Nothing against these horses in particular. But horses are noisy and smelly, and they eat and drink a lot. On this trip, food and water is going to be hard to come by. Besides, I can walk farther in a day than they can.”
“Well, I can't. Neither can my men. If you walk on foot and we ride on horseback, we will meet once a day. You passing us as we make camp for the evening. And we need you to guide us. Perhaps when you travel alone, or with no one but some of your fellow rangers, it is practical for you to walk on foot. But in this case, it makes more sense for you to ride with us.”
Adon eyed the horses. They would probably kick at him the moment he got close enough. Well, let them try. He had faced monsters worse than this.
Straightening his shoulders he growled. “Alright. I'll ride.”


A reclusive and quiet character may have this fear, as may as a character who hates loud noises. For example: A guide, bard and ranger all walked into the temple of Puis. The Ranger steps on a pressure plate activating a trap which hurls arrows in front of the party. The Bard yells "Stupid elf! Mind where you put your clumsy feet!". The Ranger quietly shuffles away and is reluctant to go near the Bard for a few 4 minutes.


Kit: D-D-DD-DOG!!!!
Amellia: Oh you mean Fifi here??
Larina: Lady Kitti is quite afraid of dogs

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