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Wondrous Item, rare

The pet farm is a snowglobe that allows you to access a different world to store your tamed creatures. You may use an action and touch the snow globe to a willing creatures head, if they are not willing, nothing happens. Afterwards it is sucked into the globe. Your creature will be fed and taken care of for whatever cost it would usually take to feed them. You may store as many creatures as you wish, but the fee will undoubtedly increase. To pay the fee, insert the required gp into the base of the snowglobe, there will be a shining number of how much you owe and a timer of when you must repay on the bottom of the snowglobes base. If you do not pay the fee your pets are sent back to you at the same time you sent them in. They appear at any point of your sight within 10ft. A pet may be summoned as an action, but it only appears at the start of your next turn.


If you want to know where your pet is going or if someone is somehow transported into this dimension (not through the use of the globe), it appears to be a giant petting zoo of sorts, with enclosures and brightly coloured keepers carrying all shapes and sizes of food around.

No creature with an Intelligence score of 8 or higher can enter the farm. You and any other PCs cannot be transported into the pet farm
Many of these sorts of enclosures for miles and miles

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