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It was a rather sudden occurrence. The Gorge appeared over the course of a year, its progression unhindered, in plain sight.

The Sky Is Falling[edit]

The gods had seen it, a point in the space, in the sky, which should not have been. It emitted no aura unlike the previous portals to other realms. At first, it was like a dot, smaller than the point of a quill. Ignorance was the downfall of the world. Each day, the thing got bigger and bigger. At first, the differences were miniscule. By the end of the month of Erju in year 1BG, the hole had widened to the size of a person's head, and that was when the gods began to worry. What was this thing, which appeared from nowhere in space? It seemed to be a hole to nowhere, and no matter what magics or attacks were used, the hole did not vanish. It remained and began to grow.

Around mid-Delia of the same year, the hole now encompassed a small body of the sky, as visible as the sun and moon were. Over this period of time, strange things began happening among the inhabitants of the Old World. There were words of cultish activities and fears rising from what thing in the sky. People pled to their gods for guidance, but few got a sufficient response. The gods in their respective parties held their gatherings to discuss the growing negative space.

It was at the last day of Ghido, the last day of the year, that the void had basically enlarged to that equal of the planet. Not only that, but two duplicates of these spheres were spotted by astronomers, who realized these black voids were spheres encircling the world. At around noon of that final day, the three voids lined up before the sun, casting a large umbra on the planet as part of a solar eclipse. Then, like bowling balls, the spheres devoured the planet through mere touch, punching holes in the world's land and seas with savage abandon. They even destroyed the planet's moon in their frenzy.

As the destruction went on and people cried for salvation, the gods scrambled to protect their domains. Many perished in the onslaught against the impervious balls of nil, which gorged themselves on all matter. When the planet was reduced to mere shambles, Orelia made a last ditch attempt to sustain life. Using up all her body and power, she became what is now known as the World Tree and saved the remaining planet shards from imminent destruction. Her spell also created a powerful barrier which sustained the atmosphere for life. But the three voids lingered, still lurking like predator to prey. Some say they are alive, and can sense life to be devoured. Regardless, thus ended the Old World, and began Shard Ne'Vaal.

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