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An image of an Oni.



Masters of war, the Oni run an endless campaign using their own orc and half-orc slaves as toy soldiers in a very real and bloody wargame.

Realm: Green Lands

Cities: This Realm has no known cities.

Noble: Orc

Orc Breeds: None

Base: Half-orc

Half-orc Breeds: None

The Oni is the Patronage term for the Fomori and the Oni -- fey creatures of large size and appropriate encounters for the epic tier of play who might lead mighty armies. Large fey inappropriate for the epic tier of play will be considered ogres and serve the Titans. Medium or smaller fey will be considered elves (if described as elves, or if described usually good aligned or unaligned), or goblins (if usually described as evil, like hags, lamia, and cyclopes), and serve the Fey. The Oni dwell primarily in the Green Lands where they sport by raising large armies of orcs and half-orcs and driving them against one another in the equivalent of life-sized wargames. The Oni play living wargames in the Green Lands, a vast Realm of rolling hills and broken terrain, perfect for playing out battles. The Oni wage these battles with real orc warriors and half-orc support, merely for their own entertainment.

Prominent Oni[edit]

The Immortal: A mysterious Oni who studies the connection between philosophy and martial prowess, and who founded the Free Kingdom of Verdant.


The noble race and warlords for their Oni Patrons, the orcs revel in battle and combat. Fast breeders and eager warriors, orcs live to wage battles, supported by their half-orc cousins.

Most Orcs live in the Green Lands under their Oni Patrons, or dwell in Minia, Verdant, Midhaven, or Ironguard.

Prominent Orcs[edit]

  • Anyu: A legendary orc who defended the Free Kingdoms when the undead first burst froth from what would be called the Dead March.
  • Tryphon: A brash orc who revealed to all the corruption that had overtaken the Nikosian Dynasty and inspired the revolution that would lead to the Altonian Dynasty of the Second Empire.
  • Altoni the orc: The pseudonym of an unknown orc who led a rebellion against the Nikosian Empire, which eventually led to the second dynasty of the Second Empire being named in his honor.
  • Phratakes: An emperor of the Altonian dynasty who, by treaty, was raised and educated in the Alabastrian Empire. When he took the throne, he tried to force the Second Empire to become "enlightened", which resulted in his ouster, and, eventually, the fall of his dynasty.
  • Ranshi: The founder of the Pure Land Sect, they believe that the Immortal who once ruled the lands known as Verdant and Minia (and parts of Ironguard, Winteren and Midhaven) is a usurper. These lands were meant for orcs and half-orcs exclusively; all others should leave, voluntarily if possible, forcibly if not.
  • Phratia II: The lover of Altoni the half-orc, after he defeated Orodes, she betrayed him and took the throne in his stead.


The half-orcs were so-named by their Oni Patrons because two of them is worth one full orc. The base race of their Patrons, they are less hearty, but generally more intelligent than their noble cousins. They exist generally as back-up to the fierce orc warriors, serving as artillery or logistics. It is no surprise that many of them have fled their homeland of the Green Lands for the Free Kingdoms of Verdant, Minia, Ironguard, and Midhaven.

Prominent Half-orcs[edit]

  • Mithrad: The ruler of the Altonian Dynasty, the second Dynasty of the Second Empire. He preserved the Empire against the corruption that had befallen the Nikosian Dynasty and prevented the Second Empire from becoming victim to the same fates as the other Lucindan Dynasties -- the Southern Empire and the Eastern Kingdom.
  • Orodes: The father of Phrtakes, he deposed his own son and ruled as Emperor-Consort. His reign was so bloody, he was called the "Murderous".
  • Altoni the half-orc: He led the rebellion against Orodes and deposed him, but was then betrayed by Phratia II, who took the throne in his stead.
  • Min: The founder of Minia.
  • Hojo: Leader of the Pure Land Sect during the Immortal War, who warned of an invasion by the Green Lands.
  • Kazu II: The current king of Verdant.

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