Obox-ob - Prince of Vermin (2.5e Deity)

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Symbol: A Scorpion Tail
Home Plane: 663rd layer of the Abyss, otherwise known as Zionyn.
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Demons, Vermin, Evil
Clergy Alignments: CE, CN
Domains: Demons, Vermin, Evil
Favored Weapon: Stingers

Obox-ob is a demon lord, also called the Prince of Vermin. His realm is the 663rd layer of the Abyss.


According to the official story, Obox-ob was once the Prince of Demons, but was killed once by the Queen of Chaos. He managed to survive death, however, and now commands an entire layer of the Abyss, a hideous world known as Zionyn. Unlike many of the infamous demon princes in the series, Obox-ob is an obyrith, a type of demon far older than the setting's standard tanar'ri. Obox-ob despises the tanar'ri and hopes to cleanse them from the Abyss, taking back his title from Demogorgon and leading the obyriths against the eladrin, who played a part in his downfall.


Obox-ob is shown in an illustration to resemble a giant, platter-shaped centipede, with three scorpion-like tails serving as his heads. Curiously, he has a vaguely humanoid head at the tip of his segmented tail, which is supposed to roar blasphemous litanies and sense the air with a long, razor-edged purple tongue.

Cult of Obox-ob[edit]

Having once held the title of Prince of Demons, Obox-ob once had a great and terrible cult following. Even after he was murdered by the Queen of Chaos, one of his aspects managed to survive, eventually growing in power and influence; this aspect is what is now called Obox-ob, and though its power rivals that of Graz'zt or Orcus, it is said to be only a pale shadow of its original power.

In the setting, Obox-ob is worshiped primarily by evil vermin across the multiverse, and the ekolids that inhabit his layer of the Abyss have numerous temples and effigies erected in his honor.

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