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Greater Deity
Symbol: Wand crossing over a Skull.
Home Plane: Abyss
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Death, Demons, Undead
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Evil, Death, Destruction, Demons, Undead
Favored Weapon: Wand of Orcus

Orcus is the Demon Prince of the Undead and God of Death, Destruction, Undead, and Demons. He is not worshiped by many people.


  • Frequency: Very Rare
  • NO. Appearing: 1
  • Armor Class: -6
  • Movement: 9"/18"
  • Hit Dice: 120 hit points
  • % in Lair: 50%
  • Treasure Type: P,S,T,U
  • NO. Of Attacks:2
  • Damage/Attack: See Below
  • Special Attacks: See Below
  • Special Defenses: +3 or better weapon to hit
  • Magic Resistance: 85%
  • Intelligence: Supra-Genius
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Size: L (15' tall)
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It is probable that this creature is one of the most powerful and stongest of all demons. If he so much as slaps with his open hand the blow causes 1-4 hit points of damage. His terrible fists can deliver blows of 3-13 hit points. If he uses a weapon he strikes with a bonus of +6 to hit and +8 on damage. Additionally his tail has a virulent poison sting (-4 on all saving throws against its poison), and his tail strikes with an 18 dexterity which does 2-8 hit points each time it hits.

Finally, Orcus holds the Wand of Death (Orcus' Wand) which is a rod of obsidian topped by a skull. This instrument causes Death (or Annihilation) to any creature, save those of like status (other princes or devils, saints, godlings, etc.) merely by touching their flesh. Other powers of this wand would be found by clicking the link at the top of the page.

He is a rival of Demogorgon.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Orcus doesn't have many worshipers. If he does, they would be dressed in very unique robes of Black and Dark Red color. They would most likely be wearing masks. Any temples that he might have would be hidden in caves or hidden inside of Dungeons.

DM Notes/Description[edit]

Orcus can, at will, use any one of the following powers: cast continual darkness, charm person, create illusion, cause fear, detect magic, read magic, read languages, detect invisible objects, ESP, cause pyrotechnics, dispel magic, clairvoy, use clairaudience, cast a 12-die lightning bolt, suggest, polymorph self, create a wall of fire, telekinese, animate dead (as a 19th level magic user), cast a feeblemind spell once per day, project image, use any one of the symbols once per day each, polymorph any object, shape change, time stop once per day, and has an 80% chance of gating in any demon of type I-V (but only a 50% chance of gating a type V or VI and will never call upon another prince). Orcus can speak with the dead.

Orcus furthermore is able to summon certain of the undead, for he is their prince. If random calling is desired by the referee the following chart is suggested:

  • 1 --- 4-48 Skeletons.
  • 2 --- 4-32 Zombies.
  • 3 --- 4-34 Shadows.
  • 4 --- 2-8 Vampires.

Orcus is a grossly fat demon lord, some 15' tall. His huge gray body is covered with goatish hair, and his head is goat-like although his horns are similar to those of a ram. His great legs are also goat-like, but his arms are human. Vast bat wings sprout from his back, and his long, snaky tail is tipped with a poisonous head.

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