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Greater Deity
Symbol: Demon Head with a crown on it.
Home Plane: Abyss
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Death, Demons
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Evil, Death, Destruction, Demons
Favored Weapon: His Tentacles

Demogorgon is the Prince of Demons and God of Death, and Demons. He is not worshiped by many people.


  • Frequency: Very Rare
  • NO. Appearing: 1
  • Armor Class: -8
  • Movement: 15
  • Hit Dice: 200 hit points
  • % in Lair: 50%
  • Treasure Type: R,S,T,V
  • NO. Of Attacks: 3
  • Damage/Attack: All Special
  • Special Attacks: See Below
  • Special Defenses: +2 or better weapon to hit
  • Magic Resistance: 95%
  • Intelligence: Supra-Genius
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Size: L (18' tall)


Rivalry between demon lords is great, but the enmity between Demogorgon and Orcus is immense and unending. Demogorgon is a terrible opponent. First, he possesses great powers in his two heads. Should he fix the gaze of both upon his enemies he is able to Hypnotize. This hyponosis will affect from 10-100 creatures of 1 to 3 hit dice, from 5 to 40 with 4 to 6 hit dice, from 3 to 24 with 7 to 9 hit dice, 2 to 12 with 10 to 12 hit dice, and from 1-4 with 13 or more hit dice. Those over 15 hit dice save vs. magic, all others are automatically hypnotized. This hypnosis of the mass sort is limited in that the victims are only under its influence for 1 turn, but during this time will follow most instructions absolutely (self destruction would not be heeded) and for from 1 to 6 turns afterwards will tend to believe or carry out the residual of they hypnosis. Demogorgon's left head has a gaze which has the effect of a Rod of Beguiling, and the gaze of his right head causes insanity for from 1 to 6 turns. When used independently in this manner the potential victim or victims save vs. magic to determine whether or not they avoid his eyes.

Second, Demogorgon is able to lash his forked tail, striking with it as a whip-like weapon. Its touch causes energy drain from one to four levels, the tail striking as a flail for hit determination.

Third, his tentacles also are deadly weapons, each causing 1-6 hit points of damage to any opponent, but those opponents which are of lesser stature (particularly those hailing from the material plane such as humans, dwarves, elves, etc.) will be subject to rot --- a limb becomes useless in 6 melee rounds and drops off in another six; the body sustains damage which permanently removes 25% of the person's hit points in 6 melee rounds, cumulative per hit. A cure disease made within the 6 melee round limit will save the member so that it will heal in 1 to 4 weeks, and body hits will be restored entirely with the cure if made within the 6 melee rounds after the hit.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Demogorgon doesn't have many worshipers. If he does, they would be dressed in very unique robes of Black and Dark Red color. Any temples that he might have would be hidden in caves or hidden inside of Fortresses.

DM Notes/Description[edit]

Whenever desiring to do so, Demogorgon uses any one of the following powers: Cast Continual Darkness, charm person, create illusion, cause fear, levitate, detect magic, read magic, read languages, detect invisible objects, ESP, dispel magic, clairvoy, use clairaudience, suggest, water breathe, polymorph self, wall of ice, charm monster, telekinesis, cast a feeblemind spell once per day, project an image, use power word stun once per day, use any symbol once per day, turn sticks to snakes and gate in other demons, 85% chance of success: 50% chance for a type I-IV, 50% chance of gating in a type V or VI.

It is contended by same that this demon prince is supreme, and in any event he is awesome in his power. This gigantic demon is 18' tall and reptillian. Demogorgon has two heads which bear the visages of evil baboons or perhaps mandrills with the hideous coloration of the latter named beasts. His blue-green skin is plated with snake-like scales, his body and legs are those of a giant lizard, his twin necks resemble snakes, and his thick tail is forked. Rather than having arms, he has great tentacles. His appearance testifies to his command of cold-blooded things such as serpents, reptiles, and octopi.

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