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Notjhurr is a world with highly diverse civilization and landscape spread out over 6 continents-Xyor, Kultan, Skeyorin, Skakon, Niremar, and Catoniarr-and boasting many kingdoms and empires of old and new. The most notable of these is the Kultan Empire-Sarikam, which fell 2200 years ago following its emperors's death at the hands of a red dragon, who promptly took over, recruited minions, and was killed by demonic hordes during a war 25 years later.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

Among the most notable classes in this world are the multitude of fighters. Warriors of all different specialties and backgrounds exist here, as the most prominent of adventurers. Rogues are also fairly commonplace among adventurers, but not as many take up a rougish profession as previously did. Wizards and clerics pop up here and there too, often in big cities performing spellcasting service. Druidic circles are present mostly on Xyor and Catoniar. Xyor's unknown northerly and southerly lands call explorers from everywhere to explore and chart them, and these explorers include almost any professions and classes. Other classes exist, only they aren't as numerous.
All races exist in parts of Notjurr, but the most common races are humans, dwarves, elves, and halflings. Dragonborn almost only exist on a remote island called Toukke, positioned 1400 miles from other landmasses, situated between Xyor and Skakon, and only reached by 1 major route of trade. Gnomes are relatively rare, but exist all over the world. Half-elves are also extremely rare, except in certain areas. Half-orcs are almost impossible to find, living in small communities together or alone in cities all over the map. Any given city will seldom contain more than one or two half-orcs, if any. Tieflings are the rarest of the bunch. These infernal-blooded humanoids are very hard to track down or find, and those who exist almost always wield extreme power whilst living in total isolation.

Armor is very easy to get in most towns and cities, many people possess the skills of a blacksmith. Another type of armor commonly seen in use by the watch of towns and cities and used by some adventurers is plated chain mail. Note to DMs: The rules for armor are the same as in standard 5e, but feel free to adjust the costs of armor, slightly decreasing the cost of armor types such as breastplates or splint-very common types of armor in Notjhurr-. I reccommend adjust the cost of a breastplate to 350 gp, and that of splint to 180 gp. Feel free to adjust as needed.


All weapons are the same as standard, plus another weapon commonly used; the double-ended-sickle, which is versatile, martial, and deals 2d4 slashing damage on a hit.

Potions and Poisons

Some potions are readily available in large settlements, such as potions of healing. Some spellcasters also could grant characters potions of climbing, not as commonly as healing potions, but these are also found near the dwelling of a skilled alchemist.

Background & Languages
Adventurers and commoners alike come from all different backgrounds and speak a multitude of languages, but in settlements, most residents share a language.

World of Notjhurr

The World & Locales
There are 6 major continents in Notjhurr, listed above. Xyor is the largest and currently the most influential, but contains the Unknown Wilds to the north, barely explored by the Great Adventurers of old, and later by others. Druthe in north-central Skeyorin is the largest city, and the most influential, along with a city on the west coast of Xyor. Notjhurr also boasts over 3,000 islands of all shpaes and sizes.
Time and History
Many notable kingdoms and empires exist or existed, most notable the Kultan Empire-see above-, which led to the Draconic War. Other notable battles include the Last Stand of Aroth, fought some 1700 years past, a siege on the human kingdom of Aroth, which fell after 22 days of fighting. Another notable war was fought at Thural foothills 400 years ago, between the Skeyorinian Goldfinder race of dwarves and a large force of orcs. The orcs invaded the fortress and the mountains around it, leading to a fight lasting 47 days, ending with both sides decimated, and the remaining dwarves left Skeyorin and founded the Otistar Faction near an arcane point of interest, the Floating Islands, and spread their influence across Skeyorin, reclaiming Thural. Several notable people are the 6 Great Adventurers of old, who lived around the time of the Draconic War after the fall of Kultan, hailing from near Lake Basik in Xyor, who spent 2 months exploring the Unknown Wilds to their north, then set out on a sea voyage to Kultan.
All common trade goods are found in Notjhurr, but here's a word on the many currencies, explained by continent:

Xyor The city of Flertas in western Xyor is a hub of civilization, and it uses the Whiut (worth 20 gp, pronounced like "weeoot"), as a currency, but this is worth quite a lot, and is often used by nobles and such upper-class. A whiut is essentially just sheet of platinum, about 1 cm thick and 3 cm in diameter, and weighs 1 ounce. One of the most common coins used is the Glorr, worth 1 sp (and almost the same as one).

Kultan Kultan, the birthplace of the human empire Sarikkam, which lasted year 1902 to year 2257 (see history), dosen't have very many inhabitants, and those who live there mostly use standard currencies or trade, but there was a whole currency system that this empire used, the Logad, worth 15 sp, the Eryughd, worth 2sp, and the Plitre, worth 4cp. These are the three most common, and some people still own these, but they are very rare, worth a lot more than their original worth, and almost never used.

Dungeon Master's Guide

Notjhurr has many of the things of most D&D worlds, but there are many other things that differ(see the rest of the page).
Many, many varieties of monsters exist here, all over the map. Among the most common monsters found in an area not influenced by the arcane are goblins, orcs. Kuo-toa sometimes reside near Kultan's west coast.
Magical items exist in abundance, but are hard to find. While most large cities have a spellcaster who could grant player characters magical items, these come at a heavy cost, usually a service.
Guide for DMs
Explains some finer points of this game world and DM info.
Adding to Notjhurr
Submit your ideas, advice, and anecdotes for the development of the setting.

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