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Notjhurr History[edit]

NOTE: This is a supplemental page for Notjhurr, and must be used with this setting

The beginning
Notjhurr has a complex and long history, so let's start from the very beginning. Almost all written history of Notjhurr starts at or after the Founding, and this is where the commonly accepted year-count also begins. The Founding is the event, some 4,400 years when leaders of the humanoid races came together and forged the cosmic order of the world. After this event, the humans, dwarves, elves, and halflings all went their own ways. The elves had 6 Noble Houses at the start, but that number is now 8. The dwarves originally had 4 greater clans-Battlehammer, Hammerstone, Goldfinder, and Ironfist-which existed from the Founding, and later on, in year 781, a young dwarf prince founded Clan Fireforge, and the Clan Orcfoe was founded in 1597, but wiped out by war in 2304, and then was founded again in 3247 and existed to this date. Humans made many kingdoms that rose and fell over the years, many of which will be explained later.
Many battles have been fought over the centuries, many notable ones include The Draconic War, fought after the Kultan Empire fell in year 2256 and all of its major cities fell into ruin or were abandoned by 2260. After this, an ancient red dragon took over the continent Kultan, and ruled there from 2259 until it's death in 2277. During this time, the Draconic War was fought between this dragon and another dragon. This war also overlaps with the Great Adventurers of old, who voyaged out from the northern reaches of charted Xyor to Kultan, and fought alongside one dragon, and after it died in 2277, the adventurers fought the war, and were the last to occupy the Kultan capital city or the Kultan Imperial Fortress.

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