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Knights' Templar - Summary[edit]

The Templar tends to be conservative, favoring tried and true tactics. They are highly committed to their faith, and the Church of Saint Cuthbert's history is filled with stories of great sacrifice by the Templar. The Templar has always enjoyed an advantage over the Nod; They are well-known and liked throughout Vasuda, and have a far larger force than the Brotherhood.

Kriss Amucire[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Class: Cleric

Role: Officer, Soldier

Perhaps one of the most contreversial figures in history, Knight Commander Kriss Amucire played a large role in pitting the Templar and Nod against each other. It was he who lead the attack that would later be known as the Knights' Templar - Nod War I. He later explained that Saint Cuthbert gave him this directive, perhaps knowing that the Brotherhood would later promote the growth of Tiberium. Most accept this explanation, but others feel that it was Amucire who planned the attack, intolerant of the new-found organization for outcasts. After all, in all recorded Church history, not once had the Saint directly interacted with any of his worshippers. Those who support Amucire point to the nature of Tiberium, with it's ability to destroy contact with the Divine. Surely, the Saint would have intervened with the stakes set so high.

After the attack on Cairo, Amucire was demoted to Knight Captain, reducing his command abilities and forcing him to do more direct work. As the years progressed, he was grudgingly did work to help smooth relations with the Nod. He was one of the Knights who helped restore contact with Leningrad in 1412, and was eventually restored to his rank of Commander. In 1419 KTR, he was selected to lead the Templar's part of the expedition to retrieve the second part of the Tacitus. It was he who moved to keep the Tacitus, and betray the Brotherhood. With the memory of the Genesis Pit still fresh in their memories, the leaders of the orders consented, feeling it was their right as retribution for the dead knights.

The betrayal was successful, and Kriss lead the expedition through the Jungle Heart and back. After the Second War, Kriss remained in charge of eliminating the remaining pockets of resistance. During KT-NW III, Amucire argued vehemently for using the Ion Cannon in every available event, including the Ion Strike on the Liquid Tiberium Deposit.

Caymon Halcyon[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Elf

Class: Aristocrat

Role: Commander of the Templar

High Knight Commander Caymon Halcyon is very well educated, studying history and military strategy at Cambridge University. He was given control of the Templar shortly after KT-NW 1, and remained in command up until the Scrin invasion. While he is loyal to the church, he prefers peace to war. The betrayal of the Nod during the retrieval of the Tacitus was only done over his most vehement protests, and many sources report that he nearly warned the Brotherhood of the plot. During the Firestorm Crisis, he was the first in the Church to argue to help the Nod, feeling that Cabal was a threat to everyone.

Kusroe Schroeder[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Class: Sorcerer

Role: Leader of the Order of the Rose

Kusroe Schroeder is the High Inquisitor of the Rose, dedicated to the purity of the Church. He has begun the reformation of the Order of the Rose, in response to the discovery of the Nod. His goal is to create a more flexible response, relying heavily on sorcerers and psions to better uncover subverters of the faith. He is credited with foiling many assassination attempts, and divining the purpose of many captured technologies.

Susan Rachmon[edit]

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Class: Paladin

Role: Founder of the Steel Talons

Women were often discouraged from service in the Templar, but Rachmon was determined to join. One of the first ten women to ever join the Templar, she was the first to make a great difference. In 1359. she organized a small unit of Knights, the Steel Talons, to deal with situations which most Knights weren't properly trained or equipped. By the first War, the Steel Talons were a well recognized force in the Templar. Many Knight Captains and Commanders were members of the Talons, including Kriss Amucire. During the period of Tiberium, she was too old to fight in the field, but she did organize many operations, including the defence of Rome during the Firestorm Crisis.

DM's Note[edit]

What about the Invasion? Who lived and died?

This is something you will have to decide for yourself. It is not likely that many of the important characters could have survived the 20-odd years of alien domination, but you might decide that one of these people is important to your game. An entire adventure could be based on tracking down and saving one of leaders.

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