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This netbook is a collection of ideas and thoughts on the topic of alignment. The original intent is to focus primarily on optional rule ideas for AD&D 3.5e, but many of these ideas may be used elsewhere.

This set of variant rules is intended to be used with the Fortress Celestia Campaign Setting, but it can be used with almost any setting. I recommend it for use with the vampires of the Gothic Light campaign setting as well.

Despite, or maybe because of, its simplicity, alignment is one of the most controversial and confusing rule categories in d20 - style roleplaying games, as well as one of the aspects of D&D that successfully started to move into popular culture as a whole. Alignment has also seen a LOT of changes over the various editions of D&D ([and other games that copied the idea!). Like most other people obsessed with their fantasy life, I've had an axe to grind, two cents, and a drop to toss in the ocean on this topic, but rather than continue the endless debate on various web forums, I thought I'd try and start a group - authored set of optional rules on the subject. In doing so I was inspired by Frank and K's wonderful Tome of Necromancy for my choice of format. Just as the Tome allows easy creation of a homebrew ruleset for undead that works better than the cannon rules without contradicting the spirit of those rules, I hope, with tongue firmly in cheek and thinking cap out of the box and firmly on head, to start something that will do the same for alignment.

--Frodo Goofball 19:41, 20 July 2008 (MDT)


Everyone with more than one alignment, raise your hand[edit]
Alignment Demographics[edit]
Let's all Change Alignment[edit]
Detect Alignment Variant Rules[edit]

Adventure Ideas[edit]

The DM's Revenge[edit]
War over Technicality[edit]
Demon Child[edit]
Mirror, Mirror[edit]
Death just isn't what it used to be[edit]
Alignments as Factions[edit]

Recommended Reading[edit]

The following are recommended for authors, players, DMs, and anyone else looking for help with alignment.


Easydamus' alignment system

from TV Tropes


from Wicked: the Musical

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