Necklace of Strangulation (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, rare

This necklace superficially resembles a necklace of adaptation or other beneficial necklace, and an identify spell reveals it to be such.
When you put this necklace on, it magically tightens around your neck, rendering you unable to breathe. A creature within 5 feet of you, including you, can use its action to make a DC 14 Strength check to remove the necklace, removing it on a success. A freedom of movement spell cast on you causes the necklace to slip off, as does application of oil of slipperiness or oil of etherealness. If you die while wearing the necklace, it remains tight around your neck until one month has passed, at which point the necklace loosens and can be removed as easily as a mundane necklace.
A remove curse spell cast on the necklace while it isn't being worn causes it to become a nonmagical necklace.

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