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Teregia has never known much of a sense of unity. With so many different cultures, races, religions, and climates, not to mention the sheer size of it, even the greatest of empires have never held more than a fraction of the world. It can be difficult to get much of a sense of the political climate, or the commonalities among it's people, so this helpful guide should ease readers into understanding the teregian people.


The scornians are the descendants of the original settlers of Scorne, The Isle of Mist. Scornians are known for their reserved nature, odd cuisine, and many "creative" rude gestures. They live mostly in feudal societies, but a few republics are known.

Kingdom of Carrickdon[edit]

The Kingdom of Carrickdon is ancient, more so than almost any other realm. It was born from the the efforts of the Sir Glen Carrick, the lord of Evamshelf, who through shrew diplomacy, and a few decisive wars, managed to unite almost all of Scorne. His successors would finish the job, creating one of the most powerful realms of the known world. Despite it's great success, and rich history, most of it's later rulers were woefully inadequate at ruling the nation, stagnating it's growth. This culminated in a massive civil war, known as The War of Mist. This terrible war saw Carrickdon lose more than half of it's population, and a third of it's land, most of it vital agricultirual farmland. Even several hundred years later, this defeat is still a bitter topic in Carrickdon, one not to be discussed in polite company.

It's current ruler is Queen Avis of Evamshelf, a direct descendant of Carrick, who has seemingly broken with the tradition of tragic incompetence than many former rulers unwittingly embraced. Her reign remains stable for now as she has professed to maintain peace throughout her realm, but not all noble voices speak in her favor, for there are many in her court who dreams of a return to prominence for Carrickdon, at sword point if need be.

Places of Interest[edit]

The capitol of Carrickdon both economically and politically, and the most populous city on all of Scorne. It houses the royal family, with them residing in Castle Crak, as they has done since it's historical founding. Also of note are the grand temple of Tarkus, his greatest place of worship in the world, and the Bloodhound Docks, that see the majority of legal (and illegal) trade goods that arrive in Scorne.

Jareth Hall
This proud city is the main naval base of Carrickdon, home to it's war fleet, and many martial orders. An arena dedicated to Edda, hosts the largest fighting games in Scorne.

Mount Elder
This horrifying mountain juts scywards far higher than any other point in Scorne, and can be seen as far away as Evamshelf, and even sourthern parts of Titania. It's isolation, and sheer cliff face, have discouraged expeditions to climb it, so it's peak remains untouched.

Kingdom of Leinach[edit]

Strecting throughout much of the Ereloc Wildlands, the Kingdom of Leinach is ruled by hardbitten people, with little tolerance for fancy talk or dress, and a unique warrior culture. They are fiercely individualistic, but remain united as a counterweight to the threat of Carrickdon. The Leinach lords were the first to rebel against Carrickdon in The War of Mist, and their victory is a topic they will gladly discuss, especially among Carrickdonian nobles.

The people of Leinach elect their kings among the lords, and current ruler is Queen Cwenthryth Branch, the lady of Brinna End.

Places of Interest[edit]

This city is one of the few of such in Leinach, and stands the only trading port in the western coast of Scorne. Being the last stop before the dangerous Banshee Coast, and for those foolhardy enough to brave the terrible sea of the Ironfrost Passage, makes it a haven for some of the hardiest and rugged seafarers in the known world.

Brinna End
Standing as the southernmost city in Scorne, and battered by icy arctic winds, Brinna End is known for it's long cold winters and short summers. The short growing season, means that most of the city's subsistence depends on fish, and fortunately it's waters are brimming with them.

Kingdom of Rhynbeg[edit]

Laying along the northern shore of Scorne, the Kingdom of Rhynbeg is the richest and most populous kingdom on the island. The mild climate, affords it's farmers great agricultural output, have allowed it the outshine Carickdon in every aspect but land area. This wealth also affects military matters, with it's knights and soldiers clad in shining armors, and it's lords living in beautiful white castles. As most who grow accustomed to wealth however, the lords of the nation have grown arrogant, openly mocking it's former masters in Carrickdon for their relative poverty, and lack of decorum, whenever the chance presents itself. With the nobility spending more every year, some wonder how much longer Rhynbeg's golden age will last.

Places of Interest[edit]

Ely Wold
Named after a local folk hero, that was probably called something completely different, this old city is known for it's many famous orchards and plantations. A grand temple to Helos, attracts many pilgrims every year.

An important trading port, this market town is known for it's pleasant beaches and waters, and have become a sort of travelling destination for people on leisurely trips.

Once a powerful and proud satelite state to Carrickdon, they fought against Rhynbeg in The War of Mist. After suffering a terrible defeat at the hands of Sir Cobsworth, the kingdom became a rump state, only nominally independent within Rhynbeg. Being technically outside the jurisdiction of Rhynbeg, it has become a haven for criminals and exiles.

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