Mysterious Powder (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, Uncommon

A weird powder inside small capsules. Great fun at parties!

Usually found in packages of 8, these little capsules are filled with a strange powder. Nobody can agree what color it is. If a creature eats the powder, roll on the following table D4 times. The effects all last for 1 minute.

1d20 Effect
1 The creatures skin color becomes a random color.
2 The creature shrinks D4 size levels.
3 The creature grows D4 size levels.
4 The creature now has D8 arms.
5 The creature grows a nice, bushy tail.
6 The creature grows a long, spiny, sharp tail, can make attack with it for D4 damage.
7 The creature grows wings, gets a 30 ft flying speed.
8 The creature becomes bipedal.
9 The creature gains a bee-stinger, can make attack for D4 piercing + D12 poison damage.
10 The creature gain web-glands, can cast web at will for the duration, without a slot or components.
11 The creature gains a second head.
12 The creature becomes one year old, temporarily of course.
13 The creature becomes disfigured, in a weird way. Some parts of their body in the wrong place, others become randomly sized.
14 The creature gains D12 legs.
15 The creature is polymorphed into a random creature.
16 The creature gains tentacles and a ink gland.
17 The creature becomes amorphous.
18 The creature becomes a random race.
19 The creature swaps genders.
20 Roll twice on this roll.

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