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Wondrous item, rare

Acquired by slaying a creature whose strength score is no less than three times yours, with nothing more than your bare hands, the Muscle Milk is an almighty beverage which can be consumed naught but once per five extended rests by mere mortals.

PROTEIN Through the power of PROTEIN you sacrifice (100+current strength)*(number of times you've used the item) xp to fill the vessel, and then quaff its contents. So doing grants a permanent 1d4+1 bonus to your strength score. You must take five extended rests before you can use it again. Each time you use it, you have a 10% chance (100 on d100) to attract the ire of a fellow strongman, who materializes before you at a CR of no less than 2 above yours, a strength score of no less than twice yours, and challenges you to fisticuffs.

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