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Monk Staff of Bahamut

The Monk Staff of Bahamut is a quarterstaff handed down from one Grandmaster to his/her heir at the moment that the title is passed between the two. The Monk Staff is a symbol of authority within the Monastic Order of the Platinum Dragon , AKA Order of Bahamut, and whoever wields it holds the title of Grandmaster within the order. It is made of darkwood, taken from the woods that the order lives within, and adorned with different metals and symbols. Atop the staff rests what is believed to be a resemblance of Bahamuts head holding an gem of varying colors in it's mouth. The staff is approximately six feet and 4 inches tall from base to the top of it's 'head'.

The power of the staff depends solely on the wielder using it. For a general character, it is a basic mwk {masterwork} Darkwood Quarterstaff with an HP of 110 and a Hardness of 25. For a Monk or Cleric, it is a mwk Defending Psychokinetic Darkwood Quarterstaff. For a Monk or Cleric of Bahamut it is a mwk Defending Holy Psychokinetic Darkwood Quarterstaff. For a Monk/Cleric of Bahamut or someone with metallic dragons blood within their veins, it is a +10 mwk Darkwood Holy Defending Thundering Psychokinetic Burst Quarterstaff of Dragons Bane. In any case, only a follower of Bahamut may use the staff as a Magical Staff.

The Monk Staff of Bahamut is a special monk weapon. This designation gives a monk wielding a quarterstaff special options.

Monk Staff of Bahamut [+10 mwk Darkwood Holy Defending Thundering Psychokinetic Burst Quarterstaff of Dragons Bane]

Simple Two-Handed Melee
Critical: 20/×2 +1d8 [sonic] +1d6 [ecto]
Type: Bludgeoning / Ecto
Hardness: 25
Size Damage Weight HP
Medium 1d6+1d4/1d6+1d4 2 lb. 110
vs Dragons: +2 atk/dmg, +2d6 dmg
vs Evil: +2d6 dmg, bestows 1 negative level on any evil trying to wield it

MAGIC 50 Charges
Caster LV: 20th
Charge Spell Effect
1 Burning Hands 15 ft cone of fire - deals 5d4 fire damage
1 Fireball Range: 1200 ft - 20 ft radius blast - deals 10d6 fire damage
1 Cure Serious Wounds touch spell - heals 3d8 +15 HP
1 Gate opens a gate to another plane
3 Summon Draconic Ally summon a dragon to aid you for 3d6 rounds (NOTE: up for DM discretion)
3 Shield from Dragon Breath use Improved Evasion against applicable dragon attacks
3 Commune Bahamut 'possesses' the head held on the end of the staff to commune with his disciple
5 Wish varies on Wish and DM discretion

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